AU Wrapper bypass AudioProcessorGraph

Hi everybody!

I stumbled across some problems getting my AU to use PluginProcessor::processBlockBypassed instead of the processBlock when bypassed by the host.

There are two scenarios:

1) AULab = AudioProcessorGraph

It seems that in AUEffectBase::Render the condition if (ShouldBypassEffect()) will keep my block from being passed to the PluginProcessor. 

By skipping this statement e.g. if (false) we could force passing to the PluginProcessor::processBlockBypassed call but that seems rather brutal....

2) Logic 9: direct connection

Afaik Logic simply stops calling the AUEffectBase::Render function as soon as the filter is bypassed... Could not find any way to avoid that..

Is there any "unviersal" way to get the PluginProcessor::processBlockBypassed call in case a host bypasses the plugin?!

Any thought/experiences?

Thanks very much in advance,