Access to params of processors created as plugin in Graph

I’m trying to access to params of some of my processor like this:

    ayra::PanpotProcessor* mainPanpot = static_cast<ayra::PanpotProcessor*>(pluginProcessor.nodeGraphProcessor.mainPanpotNode->getProcessor());
    sendMessage(ayra::serializeInterprocessMessage(pluginProcessor.nodeGraphProcessor.getGraphUuid(), ayra::InterprocessMessageType::panType, var{ayra::PanpotProcessor::rangeTypeToString(mainPanpot->getPanpotType())}, var{}));

but I get this error: JUCE Message Thread (1): Use of deallocated memory

Can you explain me what’s going on here and how to solve?

really thank you :pray:

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend building and testing with Address Sanitizer. This should give you a more descriptive error message at the point of the failure, along with a stack trace. This additional information should make it easier to work out what’s going wrong.

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thank you, now I try

nothing… it doesn’t give me other infos…