Access violation in pluginhost?


finally i got around updating to the new JUCE and encounter the following problem: the pluginhost project (reproducibly) generates an access violation error here:

the debugger shows this:

i was also wondering, why the JUCE project is still part of the pluginhost solution - shouldn’t the inclusion of juce_amalgamated obviate this? anyway, i had to toggle off the dependency of the pluginhost on the JUCE project in order to build it because otherwise i got the linker error with ‘multiple symbol definition’…something - which is pretty understandable: the linker finds the same symbols in the juce_static_debug.lib and juce_Library.obj (filenames are incorrect as i don’t have access to them right now, but you get what i mean).

dunno whether i am doing something wrong or this is indeed a bug - can someone enlighten me?

thanks in advance, robin

That code is all defunct now - grab the tip and try again…

thanks jules for your quick reply - so was is indeed a bug in juce? i always tend to look for the fault on my side first. and should i just grab the official .zip archive from sourceforge or will i need to download the svn repository with a svn client? i’m not so frequently hanging around here…so phrases like ‘grab the tip’ are not so familiar to me :oops:

yes, by “grab the tip” (missus…) I do mean to grab the latest version from SVN…

O.K. - will do that. …i’m just getting my head around all this SVN stuff and installed the tortoise client earlier this day. thanks for your attention.

mmhh. with the new revision (514), i can’t compile the file juce_LibrarySource.cpp anymore: the compiler complains about ‘Byte: undeclared identifier’ in juce_amalgamated.cpp, line 221962. FYI: i commented out the quicktime support in the juce_Config.h as well as in the juce_amalgamated.h - don’t know if that info is relevant, but it’s the only change i made. i’m on VC2008 express, btw.