Accessiblity support

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I would like to know whether Juce features accessibility support as in exposing information to screen reader so as to make the interface accessible for visually impaired users.


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Sorry, it's not something I've ever had time to investigate.

I’m necroing this thread to broach the subject again of accessibility support in JUCE. I’ve been thinking about this recently, as I had a support email from a blind user who was unable to authorize one of my plugins. He said that if plugin parameters are made automatable, then he can access the plugin controls themselves in his DAW (Reaper with an accessibility extension installed).

However, because the authorization controls (e.g. in this case, a “Load License File” button) were rendered solely in the JUCE GUI, the screen reader and keyboard interface were unable to interact with them.

Without holding my breath for screen reader-friendly GUI components in JUCE, I have been looking into workarounds this week. I have found that the system screen reader on macOS (which they call “VoiceOver”) indeed cannot read text from the JUCE GUI, including text in AlertWindows.

However, VoiceOver can read text shown in dialog boxes invoked using the NativeMessageBox class, and it will also allow the keyboard interface to select dialog box options. So I believe that’s my best (only?) option to make authorization controls accessible to screen readers. However, I would love to hear from other devs how they have approached this issue, and if there’s any other workarounds they can think of.

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It’s coming watch this space! The JUCE team have openly said they are working on accessibility right now!


Ed gave a great talk at the most recent ADC about how the accessibility APIs work, and the challenges the JUCE team has been working through. Really interesting stuff!


Wow, that’s great news! I hadn’t gotten to look at any of the recent ADC stuff, so I had totally missed that talk.