Support for visually impaired

I have received an inquiry from a blind customer that uses a screen reader program with Cubase on Windows XP.

I was wondering what happens with a Juce plugin and such a program. I think that, because all components have no peer, the screen reader program is of no help.

If I am right, what kind of support could be envisaged for visually impaired people ?


Looking into that has been on my to-do list for a long time, but I’ve not had chance. I’d need to look at the kinds of API that are involved.

I also got some requests for support of blind users (on mac) – it would be great to have some kind of very basic support for that !

Just chiming in to say that we have gotten requests for this too.

A-bumpity-bump. Just got a request for this as well. Honestly, I have no idea of what is involved. I’m primarily working with plugins. I wonder if the “default” GUI that is provided by the host for a GUI-less VST or AU would do the trick?

Sean Costello

same thing here right today...

Jules (or anyone), have been there improvement in this area? I don't even know where to start, but I'd be happy to contribute with some effort if necessary.

Hi Jules,

Would indeed be great to have support for this.

+1 for 2014 


And another one here...

Acknowledged, and I was already aware of this, of course. But it's a major piece of work to implement (I actually don't even know how these things are done at all), and I'm already massively overloaded, so can't promise anything in the near future.