Accessing bundled AUV3 plugin in a Tracktion Edit


We’ve got our plugins built for AUV3 and are preparing to build a ‘wrapper application’ - standalone - that will bundle the AUV3’s for delivery on iOS.

Has anyone done this yet - any gotchas? I’m not sure if its sufficient to bundle the AudioUnits into MacOS/Resources/ or if there is some other registration process thats required, post-install, to get AUV3 plugins properly registered. Maybe someone else has worked on this and has clues?

The other issue is that, once these plugins are installed/bundled in a standalone ‘wrapper’ app, I’d quite like to be able to instantiate instances of those plugins in a PluginHost application (maybe the same ‘wrapper’ app) - so does this mean that when I create a Tracktion project, I should reference the bundled AudioUnits within the ‘wrapper’ app bundle, or should I just rely on enumerating the plugins list through iOS, and get access to them that way?

Ultimately, what I’d like is to have the AUV3 bundle happening in a wrapper, which can also serve as a ‘mini-DAW’ PluginHost as well … at the moment this seems a bit of a daunting setup/configuration/build task - but I’m sure its of interest to other plugin devs, maybe someone has already made some headway on this topic … ? Lets share notes.