ADC 2016 Materials and Video Clip?


I enjoyed great conference last week. Thanks, Juce & Roli and all speakers.

While I took sessions, I didn’t capture the screen not much, cause it could interrupt speakers. So, I suggests that build-up github for collecting materials within ADC2016? like

If speakers share their materials, and it would be helpful to all Juce uesrs even they couldn’t catch up conference.

I wonder when we can review the video clips?


Videos are on the way! We need to collect slides from all the speakers and put them all into the same format - this will take a while.

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Good luck with mine :laughing:


@ Roli.getAll() : Thanks a lot for being so quick with uploading the videos of the ADC! Deeply appreciated!

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Let me add to the thanks. I’m currently enjoying Jule’s talk in HD. Makes me want to get my hands on a Block. Maybe next year ROLI can give out a free Block to everyone who registers :wink:

That’d be nice! It might have been possible this year if they hadn’t just gone into production days before the conference!

Another strategy would be to (when the time comes) provide a ‘JUCE v5 license + blocks’ package to engage more developers. Something in the vein of ‘pay the v5 license cost + $30 an you’ll get a lightpad block’. You could call it the ‘cool kids package’…

If necessary I can force myself to accept one sent to my personal address a little late. If that can help and make you feel better of course !

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