ADC 2017 - DSP Workshop: elaborate intermediate

Hi JUCE team,

I am very interested in the DSP workshop coming up at the ADC 2017. Can you elaborate on the requirements please?

I have implemented several image processing softwares, including convolution (Gauss, Sobel) and some raycasting and volume rendering software.
For audio I am just using the available classes (IIR filters, FFT and resamplers) in JUCE. I know from a high level perspective, what information is in the data and how to use it, but I would probably fail to execute a transform by hand or coming up with filter coefficients for a certain filter.

Would this still qualify me as intermediate, so I would not hold up the flow of the workshop? I am sure I will have benefit of it in any case.
Second question, is the number of participants limited?

Thank you very much!

Hey Daniel,

Thank you for your interest in the workshop. @skot, can you advise on the requirements?

The number of participants is limited to 40.

Hi there, I would say you are a perfect candidate attendee. We will be focusing mostly on the use of a new DSP library in JUCE. We will touch briefly on the maths, but we are much more interested in use cases, what the API looks like, etc.

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Perfect, that’s what I hoped for. Thanks!