ADC'19 is here!

We’re proud to announce the Audio Developer Conference 2019!

ADC is the leading conference for audio developers! Super early bird tickets are on sale now for 1 week only.

Conference dates are 18-20 Nov 2019.

More info here

We hope to see you there!


I’m excited to take part in ADC once again with the JUCE team and Joshua. We’re also welcoming Dr Rebecca Fiebrink from Goldsmiths as Programme Chair, who will bring cutting edge topics and speakers from academia and industry R&D to the conference.

PS: Please note that my role has now changed and I’m only working on ADC, and am no longer representing JUCE or ROLI in any other capacity.


Is it just me or is anyone else a bit overwhelmed by the pricing?


The prices are in line with other conferences. Here are a few sample prices:

CPP on Sea
CPPCon (a much larger conference)
DAFX (student prices only available here)
Meeting CPP

If you’re looking for a job, an opportunity to network, or to learn what is on the cutting edge of audio and music tech as a developer, I think you would be hard pressed to find a better option than ADC.

Another aspect is that the highest priced packages include 2 workshops, where you’re able to learn from the best in the industry. The workshops are in addition to the conference itself, not part of the conference per say.

We are offering a super early bird special for the next week as well!

I hope this helps explain.

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ADC prices aren’t particularly high. it’s just that circumstances are really different between academic/indie/pros.
Perhaps - totally biased opinion coming - you should consider specific pricing for juce license owners for the next adc editions.
If you’re in a big corporation, your company will pay for the juce license and might send you to adc.
If you’re an academic, then the juce education license is free, and you got huuuge discount on adc ticket.
but if you’re an indie dev with a small income then going to adc is quite a budget compared to an upgrade to a Juce 6 license (which I feel is coming soon : )
Just a suggestion really


Well it’s enough to make me think twice about it, especially when i take into account the money not earned while swanning around at a conference :slight_smile: