Add And use Git

Hi, i’m realy knew in programing :wink: i’ve got some beginer issues:
-I’ve downloaded customizable ui knob widget from github, but i can`t figure out where i should paste the folder and how i can call it from viual studio…
Thanks a lot!

What kind of files is it? From where (post a link if it is public).

thanks nicolas

It is Javascript code. I’m not aware of any way to intergrate easily such UI in JUCE app.

To everybody: is there?

ok thanks a lot, i’m just going to look for c++ sliders knob then.

Another note: This question is not really about git. Just to give you some quick hints, git is a technology to keep track of incremental changes in source files in software projects. This usually works with a git client software installed locally on your computer and a git server you communicate with. GitHub is just one of many git servers out there and probably the most known one since it supports the open source community a lot with free services for open source code projects. When you download a repository hosted on GitHub as zip, you basically bypass all of the git technology. Git is a really helpful tool to keep track of your code once your project grows, so I recommend you to have a look at it once you got started with C++

So a bit back to your original question, you need to find some JUCE sliders, not just C++ sliders. C++ as a language standard defines nothing regarding GUI stuff, so one of the goals of JUCE is to give you an abstraction layer over system specific GUI interfaces. And in case you find some on GitHub, it’s not so important how to add them via git to your project, your question then is more how add third party juce code to your project. I hope this clears things up a bit. :slight_smile:

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Awesome tips, thanks a lot :wink:

That is resource is JavaScript, no?

It I’ll help us point you in the right direction if we knew your knowledge of programming languages.
Generally, as neatly written as it is for a large library, I’d say Juce and DSP is the probably not the place to Start learning C++.

I learned programming from scratch with Max/MSP and JUCE and DSP. :grin:
IMHO best is to learn with what you are interesting by.
But that’s true that it is a long task. I mean several years of learning.
Must be prepared to grab knowledge by yourself, in documentations, blogs and with search engines.
Good luck!

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Thanks guys i’ll just stick to the juce library for now then :wink:

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For Juce, “The Audio Programmer” will give you a taster.
It’s a little bit out of date as far as the SDK is concerned, but you’ll get a fairly good idea of what you’re in for:-

Thanks a lot dave, yeah i ve been watching this dude for the past week, it realy helps to get started…

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