Add Header Search Paths To Projucer Projects

I have some header only libs that I use in my projects, but they use angle brackets in the include statements (i.e. #include <lib/lib.h>). This is a non-issue when I export out to say Xcode, as you can add the Header Search Path and everything works as expected. However, the compiles fail in the ProJucer because it can not find the includes, and it spits out messages like ‘lib/lib.h’ file not found with include; use “quotes” instead.

Would it be possible to add the Header Search Path option to ProJucer Project Settings?

Another option would be to look in “.” by default, then the libs can sit in the source dir.

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You can add header search paths in the settings of the build configurations (Debug/Release) of each exporter.

Yes, but that does not affect the ProJucer build.

Oh, sorry, I misread your post.

You can add header paths to the Projucer build by going into the live build settings - click on the gear icon at the bottom of the panel.

Thank you! For some reason I have never found those options, exactly what I was looking for.

Found this looking for a similar fix… and it works in terms of building, but what about adding frameworks? In the Mac targets, I can add frameworks, but do I/how do I add frameworks to a live build?