Projucer and certain includes

Projucer is not finding some of my included files, which are part of the project - these are files outside the project folder. These are found fine in Xcode. I have to give it the exact path. Is there something I'm missing?

Have you taken a look at the live build settings part of the config tab? 

Hope this helps!

Xcode is a bit non-standard because any items in its projects get automatically added to the include path.

That means that lazy programmers can just include a file by name without worrying about the relative path, which IMHO is a bad thing, and other IDEs/compilers aren't so forgiving, so unless you're only using Xcode, you should just get your paths right!

Fair point - I have been working mainly in Xcode for this particular project. Added my user search paths and fixed up my include paths and its completing the live build now :)