.h files found in the equivalent XCode project, but not in Projucer

I'm trying to develop this project (https://github.com/logsol/Pd-Pulp) using Projucer.

The Projucer project is giving warnings about missing .h files, eventhough the equivalent Xcode project (opened even from inside Projucer) having equivalently set paths does not have these warnings.

I have tried changing the paths,  but the warning doesn't disappear.

Are the paths really wrong? What's wrong?




Xcode is very forgiving in terms of how it resolves included files - if you just give it an include with no path, it'll manage to find the file if it's included anywhere in your project. But this is not how other C++ compilers work! So you should always correctly specify the path to any headers you include.

It seems though that the problem does not exist in Introjucer (since it doesn't have the live building feature). Then I can compile in Xcode.

Is this reasonable?

You can also use the Projucer and just ignore the errors. Even in the Introjucer, you will still have to build in Xcode.