'juce/juce.h' file not found error in Haydxn Xcode Project


I’m very new to Juce and C++. I was looking for a tutorial or book on Juce and the closest I came was haydxn’s Juce programming Tutorial. I understand this is old and some topics on the forum reported that it can’t be followed to completion with current version of Juce/ Xcode. However, it looked like a good place to start so I found the ‘Starting Point’ folder with the Xcode project in so I could attempt to follow the tutorial.

When I opened ‘Haydxn Tutorial.xcodeproj’ there were many warnings and errors:

I tried changing the compiler to Apple LLVM 3.1 and all but 2 errors went away:

So, now I have the warning ‘juce/juce.h’ file not found’ twice on the line #include <juce/juce.h>

I have successfully compiled and ran the Hello World VSTs on Mac and PC, and the Hello World AU on Mac. I have also built many of the example projects such as audio plugin host, binary builder and Jucer, though I downloaded Introjucer. I cannot see why I am getting the two errors. I tried adding the juce.h and the whole juce folder to the project Navigator in Xcode but it didn’t help. I thought about whether my paths are set (for the Juce folder) correctly in Xcode?

I have attached the ‘Starting Point’ folder.

Any tips or ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated, as would any pointers to a book/ tutorial on Juce while I’m finding my feet. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,



I tried adding the following to my Header Search Paths in Xcode but it didn’t change anything:



That project expects you to be using an old static library version of JUCE which is not really fully supported anymore.

I recommend downloading the latest tip here, building the Introjucer and using that to generate a new project as per these instructions. You could also use the “extras/example projects” app as a template for the tutorial.

If you are following the version of the tutorial here note that addButtonListener, addSliderListener have changed to simply addListener now.

Thanks very much for the fast reply. I’ll follow your advice.