Add navigation and URL anchors to tutorials page

As it says on the tin! Simply put - the tutorials are a great resource for getting one’s feet wet, and pointing someone to them is great.

The issue is really navigation in the page; there’s no easy way to pick out and link to a tutorial category, and there’s no easy method to specifically point to a tutorial without somehow searching for it (assuming you know what the tutorial’s title would be!).

A combination of table of contents and anchors would really help.

Yes! I was about to suggest exactly this. Navigating the tutorials is a big pain.

A frame on the left listing the tutorials would be a huge improvement. That way one would always have an overview of all the tutorials and could quickly switch from one to the next.

Right now, the user has to always click on the back button and scroll down the quite large page. Repeating this process over and over again gets quite tiring (and the picture of the smiling fellow doesn’t really help).

Actually, the class index could be improved in the same way. A list on the left would make browsing and looking for stuff considerably easier. There is actually this here: which would be perfect if only the classes were (better) grouped into categories.