Add .tbd frameworks to xcode projects via Projucer?


My project uses sqlite which I link in xcode with ‘Linked Frameworks and Libraries’, including libsqlite3.tbd. I’d like to configure this framework via Projucer so that I don’t have to manually add it each time in xcode every time I save the project in Projucer.

There is an entry in Projucer for extra frameworks but if I enter ‘libsqlite3.tbd’ then it tries to add libsqlite3.tbd.framework instead of libsqlite3.tbd.


Is it possible to configure .tbd frameworks in Projucer?



I think .tdb files are just text-based wrappers around .dylibs, which should be located in /usr/lib. Can you try adding sqlite3 to the “External libraries to link” field in the Xcode exporter and adding /usr/lib to the “Extra library search paths” field of your build configurations?


Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn’t seem to work, I get a linker error:

ld: library not found for -llibcurl

Thats after setting ‘Extra library search paths’ and adding ‘libcurl’ to ‘External libraries to link’


Remove the ‘lib’ so it’s just ‘curl’


Yes, that works! You sir just made my day!

Thank you very much