Add libcurl.tbd to Projucer

My JUCE6 project uses CURL so I need to add libcurl.tbd to ‘Link Binary with Libraries’ in XCODE.

When I do that manually in xcode it links fine but the next time I export it from Projucer it removes the libcurl.tbd from my project.

By reading through the forums I see that others succeeded to do that by adding:
‘curl’ to “External libraries to link” and
‘/usr/lib’ to the “Extra library search paths”

Unfortunately this does not work for me on OSX BigSur and XCODE 12.

The reason could be that I don’t have curl lib in my /usr/lib:


I found a solution. I’m posting it here for others who might have similar issues.

The solution is to add -l< library name > which in my case is -lcurl to the ‘Extra Linker Flags’ in Projucer. This adds the option to “Other Linker Flags” in xcode which then manages to find the correct library in the OSX bundle packages.

Happy 2021!

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Ah thanks, that saved me couple of days of headache. Now onto getting AAX to build.