Adding the Amazon SDK to my project

Hi There,

I need to add some Amazon functionality to my app, I think I need to install this SDK:

How does one do that?!?

I really only need to do things with S3. Do I need to install the whole thing?

Many thanks!

See: Amazon AWS C++ SDK and JUCE

I’m probably going to try and make a JUCE module which wraps it when I get some time.


That sounds helpful :slight_smile:

In the meantime, what are the steps to doing it manually?

My understanding is:

  • install cmake
  • download the amazon sdk
  • build it (or bits of it) using cmake (I only need S3)
  • link it to JUCE? from the projucer?
  • does this mean the amazon binary will be included in my plugin?
  • profit

I’m hung up on building it to be honest. All the documentation says to use a command line to run a cmake command, but the cmake I downloaded is a full GUI and I don’t know what to do with it.

Any help appreciated! I’ve only ever done this once before for visual studio, and it was pretty easy there.

The steps to including the s3 client from the aws-sdk on MacOS are:

Hope this helps.

Alternatively you should be able to add…


…to the “External Libraries to Link” field.

Thank you all that’s fantastic

just adding the full list of steps that worked for me:

install homebrew osx:
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

install cmake:
brew install cmake
git clone --depth=1
cd aws-sdk-cpp
cmake -DBUILD_ONLY=core
cmake -DBUILD_ONLY=s3
make -j 2
(2=number of cores you want to use)
sudo make install

Projucer: go to exporters > debug and also exporters > release

add to header search paths: /usr/local/include
add to extra library search paths /usr/local/lib