Alert Window Icon in CLion

I’m trying to compile my project (Myo Mapper) using CLion on macOS 10.12.6. Everything seems to work. However, the alert windows are created without the App icon. Any clue why that happens?

The documentation of the CLion exporter says

Not all features of all the exporters are currently supported. Notable omissions are AUv3 plug-ins, embedding resources and fat binaries on MacOS, and adding application icons.

So I guess it’s a known issue.

I was at the Audio Developer Conference and the CLion guys told me that is a JUCE issue, and how JUCE handles the icon. But I’ve no problems on macOS nor Win. I guess I’ve to wait a while for this fix… :frowning:

Yes. This is a known issue - we just haven’t implemented that functionality in CMake yet.

Thanks @t0m. Looking forward to seeing it fixed :slight_smile: