CLion Exporter: XCode Resource Folder not working

Seems like the “Custom Xcode Resource Folders” option only works when using XCode, but doesn’t do anything in CLion (on Mac).

Tested with an empty standalone plugin.

For reference, the CMake code is:


timid bump here, might have a similar (and peculiar) issue :

  • Projucer project on Mac where I set the "Application Icon " i.e. Icon(small) and Icon(large) on the Xcode Exporter
  • CLion Exporter taking input from xcode+linux+xcodeblocks

When the application Icon is set CLion is actually trying to run the Icon.icns file instead of the executable inside the .app :open_mouth: if I chmod+x the icon it actually runs it!

Error is

Error running ‘APP’: Cannot run program “/cmake-build-debug/myproject/Builds/CLion/” (in directory “/cmake-build-debug/myproject/Builds/CLion/”): error=13, Permission denied

CmakeLists changes when I add the App Icon is this line, along with all the HEADER_ONLY image lines:

set_source_files_properties (“…/MacOSX/Icon.icns” PROPERTIES MACOSX_PACKAGE_LOCATION “Resources”)

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