Analytics Collection in "Personal" Licence [SOLVED]

I’m sure this info is somewhere ready to be found, yet I couldn’t find it:

What information exactly is collected from the end-user if I’m on the “Personal” licence scheme?

You can check the code :grinning:. Btw, upcoming JUCE6 is expected to lift this requirement.

You can see the data that is collected when JUCE_REPORT_APP_USAGE is enabled here and the Projucer usage data code can be found by searching the code for instances of ProjucerAnalyticsEvent. We’ve removed all of this for JUCE 6.


Ok, thanks for your answers. To anybody wondering, it seems to be:

  • your operating system
  • your CPU vendor
  • name of the plugin
  • name of plugin vendor
  • what JUCE version is used
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