Android Keyboard behaviour


When I compile in AS with armeabidebug or armeabidebugva7, i got different behaviours.

With armeabidebugva7 I can't delete any character in a texditor.

However with armeabidebug I can. 

But non of them let me get out of the keyboard by pressing the key "ENTER" (in my Android device it is a blue button with no text, all other buttons are gey).

So even pressing the BACK Android button (I mean the pshysical button, no in the virtual keyboard), the keyboards hides, but the cursor keeps blinking in the text editor. 

Any idea,??






I am trying to catch which letter is being pressed in the Oncreen Android keyboard when the focus (or I am editing) in a text editor, to detect the Android ("done") button at Onscreen Keyboard (or whatever else).

But I only can implement textEditorReturnKeyPressed() or so.

When I implement KeyPress() method, this only is called when I have pressed a key and the focus is in the parent component (and it doesn't work for enter),while if the focus is in the texeditor, the method is no called.

Do you know how can i make it??


I am trying with ": public TextEditor::Listener"  textEditor->addListener(this);.




This is an issue I've been seeing for a while. The workaround is to configure the android keyboard with the predictive text features turned OFF. Press the gear button on the popup keyboard to get to the prefs to do that.


It would be great to fix this, I've played with options in the java wrapper regarding the keyboard handling and I have never been able to get it working.