Android loading screen?

I have an Android app that is basically a standalone plugin. It works fine, but quite some time passes before the plugin editor shows on screen. Is there any way I can display some kind of splash screen / image while the app is getting its ducks in a row. I have tried using a JUCE splash screen, but it takes the same length of time to appear as the plugin editor window. Anyone have any suggestions?

Debug and find out where the time is being spent? Very hard to give advice unless you’ve done this - you will probably have to set up remote debugging, but this is a very worthwhile task.

Thanks @austrianaudioJV. The app itself causes some bottlenecks, but it’s the initial delay that is bugging me. For example, it takes about 8 seconds for the JuceApp::onCreate(); method to get called. I don’t now why it takes this long, and I also don’t have enough Android experience to fix it. What I would like to do is display some kind of a loading splash screen before the main activity it launched. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. I assume I should probably create a new activity that will get launched first, and use some kind of timer to disable it? I know it’s not ideal, but better than a blank screen while the user waits.

Turns out that implementing a splash screen is quite straight forward if you use the new SplashScreen API from Android 12 onwards :slight_smile: