Juce UI sample for mobile app only how to design it?

Hello I am learning in juce
any one please post the sample code or anything to start design in Juce using Layout.
For Example User Signup Screen with Profile Picture

if you’re going mobile only JUCE is inferior to other frameworks (at least from your description as it’s superior for specific apps/use cases).

basically there are plenty of great juce tutorials online and Demos within JUCE. just export to your mobile desired target (iOS/Android) and you’re good to go.

Yes, i already started using module but i did not get the how can we design the UI using layout. For ex. in terms of android: Login Screen You will take Relative layout and then add textview edittext etc… How can do same as in Juce. I wan to setup all widgets in screen with different direction. Please you have any sample let me share so i can understand. First i want to learn Juce UI development

JUCE trickier since components aren’t native. you’ll have much more handling to do since it’s really the same UI running across multiple platforms…

Checkout CSS’s FlexBox and Grid Layout and after playing with them with CSS look at JUCE tutorials using equivalents within the JUCE library.

Can you send the code for Spalsh screen? i want to start my app with splash screen and then my screen how can i do that? i searched lot but can not find any example

JUCE does not directly support mobile app splash / launch screens… you’d have to add that to the generated Xcode / Android Studio project.

can you please let me know how can i do it? i am new in juce and i don’t know how can i start with that. or can you please share some step or link how to start build spalsh?

What I meant was, you would not do that with JUCE. You would do it using the standard tools for each platform, Xcode for iOS, or Android Studio, based on the exported project(s) from Projucer. You can easily find tutorials for creating splash/launch screens on the web.

Thank You.I am able to call the Spalsh screen using the android studio with the help of given sample: Android: Mix&match native and JUCE code/GUI elements
Now can you please tell me how could call the my next screen in this code? i wan to open new new page after splash screen?

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