Android signing

Hi, started getting this error when trying to run release for Android:

Clicking fix brings up this dialog:

Not sure whether the unrecognised value is as a result of updating to the latest AS or updating to latest tip on dev, but I think it’s the former.

Even if I manually replace the “Unrecognized value” with the values I use to manually sign an APK using the Generate Signed APK menu option, AS won’t access this and continues to show as an error.

Anyone else having problems with latest AS? thx

Don’t seem to have this error. Are you on Windows?

hi yes.

might be related to the AS 3.0 update… ?

No I’m on AS 3.0 as well.

Can you look at the app/build.gradle file and see what the signing config is.

signingConfigs {
    juceSigning {
        storeFile     file("c:${File.separator}Users${File.separator}leehu${File.separator}Dev${File.separator}cpp${File.separator}JUCE${File.separator}keystore${File.separator}android.jks")
        storePassword "android"
        keyAlias      "circuit"
        keyPassword   "android"
        storeType     "jks"

Hi @lukasz.k - copying you in during fabian’s absence. Thx

Hi @leehu, I created a new project in Projucer and I built both debug and release with no problems. I used AS 3.0.1 Build #AI-171.4443003, Build Tools 27.0.2, NDK 16.1.4479499.

Perhaps updating AS to the latests which I have will solve your issue? Also, is the keystore file definitely present under the following path C:/Users/leehu/Dev/cpp/JUCE/keystore/android.jks ?

Hi, strange - obv this only comes into play when you try to run the release build as that’s when the APK is signed, are you performing that step?

I can build the signed APK using the build menu and manually copy it onto the tablet, so it’s not the end of the world, but not sure why this stopped working at some point…

Yes, I am running the project in release build now with no problems, using the setup mentioned earlier.

ok, thx. I’ve just tried this on the demo and it’s fine - must be something to do with my project i guess - sorry for the noise on this one.