Android Studio Release ?!


I've tried to build signed apk in the latest version of Android Studio and when I try to build the project release an error accurs.

I re-installed the 1.4.1 version of Android Studio as Fabian said in this thread " " and I can't build it again because of the gradle project sync fail. 

Is there any version of Android Studio that works well with Juce 4 and builds signed apk's ? :/


Hm. How exactly did you try to sign the app?

First I chose the build variant for release and then I went to " Build -> Generate Signed Apk ", then I created a new key store. After I created the keystore I wasn't able to build the release version of the project. Some "gradle project sync failed" message appeared.

Aha. So you tried to set those settings from within Android Studio?

A rule of thumb with Introjucer-generated projects is that you should never touch any build settings in the IDE (this will mess up things), but configure everything in the Introjucer, and then re-save the project. Look here:

Yes, after I opened the project from Juce to Android Studio I tried to set the settings within Android Studio.

Sorry for being dumb but I'm a beginner and I do not understand Juce very well.

What exactly do I have to put in here :


And after opening the project in IDE how do I build the release apk of my project ?

Thanks. ;)


OK, sorry, I just realised that I don't really understand this Android code-signing process myself ;-)

Let me try to wrap my head around it and then I'll come back to you.

Ok, I'll be waiting. :)

For me its very important to have a release apk of my project because I want to test my project directly in my android phone and not in Android Device Emulator ( it's so slow...).

Hope you fix this. ;)

OK, while I haven't quite figured out the signing stuff yet:

You don't need that to run your app on a real Android tablet or phone. I did this many times without touching those signing settings. Just create an Android Studio project in the Introjucer, then in Android Studio click the green play button, make sure your device is connected, the screen is unlocked and you tap "Allow USB debugging", and then Android Studio should bring up a dialogue where you can select the connected device and run on it!

That's helpfull, thanks a lot.

Don't forget to check the problem with signed apk build too. ;)