Sorry, just needed to vent some anger…

Some idiot moderator on Wikipedia has, without any warning, deleted the entire Juce entry, saying that it wasn’t “notable” enough to be on there, and it had too long a list of features on it.

Absolutely fuming about this… :evil:

Do you have a local copy? Just submit it again.

edit> Btw: If so, include a list of applications/plugins using JUCE. Every two bit QT app seems to have it’s own entry so JUCE should reasonably qualify.

I didn’t expect the whole thing to just be zapped into oblivion, so didn’t keep a local copy… Grr…


And strange. I mean this: is still there. The worst bit torrent client around with maybe 100 users world wide…but JUCE had to go?

I wonder if it can be restored… is there an appeal process maybe?

I got a stuffy reply from the moderator telling me to read the conditions. I wrote back indignantly, but no reply.

Honestly Jules, personal irritation aside, are you “really”[1] that surprised?

wikipedia is pretty much known for arbitrary editorial decisions made by self-important teenagers with too much time on their hands[2].

The stupidity of the whole deal is pretty much epitomized by KvR’s[2] own Babya Logic page[3].

If you put the page back you’ll just end up in a pointless war of attrition with some idiot who actually does care more about the existence of a JUCE page than you do.

[1] edit “*” is not recognized as a wikipedia style for emphasis.

[1] citation needed.


Well I was surprised that the whole thing just disappeared with no warning! Sure, if someone had started a discussion about removing it, blah blah. then that would have been par for the course, but this moron just came along and “bang”…

I’m particularly pissed-off because I did get quite a constant flow of hits to my website from it, so people were using it to discover juce. And even more pissed off that I’ll have to waste time re-writing the damn thing.

Well, if some specific condition was broken by the article, maybe there’s a chance?
But, why not just edit the page or put up one of those spiffy labels they have. “Warning, this article may be in breech of blah blah blah…”

And isn’t there supposed to be a preceding discussion archived somewhere?

goes looking

Was it deleted febuary 21st? If so “Renata3” states copyright violations as the reason.

[quote]Was it deleted febuary 21st? If so “Renata3” states copyright violations as the reason.

Yeah, it was a copyright violation because the text was copied from my own website…

Yeah, found the talk page. I wonder if there’s a better chance if you try to approach another moderator…

Sod it. I’m just going to post a new version, and keep a copy in case it gets nixed again.

Let us know when there’s something up there, and we can go in and make a few additions and edits so that there are more than one IP in the logs…

I’m not too familiar with wikipedia but I know - there are two entries for Juce dating back to Dec 15, 2005 and Sept 13, 2006 which can be found here:

I’m not sure if this is the latest version of your entry but at least it’s something. Formatting is screwed up, most probably because it’s not displayed through the wiki parser but that should be easy to fix (and will in fact make rewriting it for wikipedia a lot easier).


[EDIT: the URL is not being recognized (I tried using url tags to no avail), make sure you paste the whole line in your browser address line]

By the way, if it helps at all, you could use the UI pic from Peggy2k as and example of a JUCE VSTi / GUI.

It’s rather a crap synth but the UI is nice I think.


Likewise, I’m happy to have a screen grab of my app on the page. Since it’s a medical app, it’ll at least show that JUCE is used in a wide range of scenarios.

Right, I’ve uploaded a painfully neutral, short description. They’d better not have a problem with that!

Yeah. Probably best to play it cool for a bit. See if Renate3 reacts. :slight_smile: