What happened to the "Juced" project

Just started looking into your library. Been learning mostly through the demo projects and examples. But commonly referred to is the "Juced" project. Which looked like an extension of Juce.


Now it seems like all the code has been removed as well as the wiki pages. Which is unfortunate because evidently it had a tutorial at some point. Those might've been useful to me starting out.

So what happened? I am curious because projects sometimes peter out but the code and the wiki pages usually stick around or they have some message indicating why the project ended. In this case the code is gone but the main page has no indication of why.

Sorry if this has been discussed before. I am new to the community and a cursory search for information in the forums didn't reveal much. 

I wondering too. 

Another source of tutorials and examples for beginner wouldn't harm at all...

It moved to https://github.com/kunitoki/juced, I'm looking into some of its classes, anybody knows if the project is still maintained?