Any scientific tools for testing

does anyone know some plugin testing application for Mac? Something like VST Plugin Analyser -
or RackAFX -
I tried to to install RackAFX by wine and wine bootler, but it doesn’t work for me.

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I hope to release one next month… will keep you posted.


No man,
don’t be fool. Release it today :slight_smile:

Matlab can load VSTs and AUs with the Audio System Toolbox. I find this pretty useful on the audio side of plugin analysis.

I just came across this thread and think this is a pretty cool information. I use MATLAB a lot but without the Audio System Toolbox until now. However, that sounds quite interesting! Is the plugin hosting feature suitable for offline and online (real-time) usage and analysis and is the audio system toolbox capable of low latency audio processing at all? This would maybe allow to also do some quick Matlab-based algorithm prototyping, as the DSP System Toolbox I own isn’t capable of low latency real-time audio at all :grimacing:

Meanwhile, here is the app I was talking about:

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