Anyone else seeing JuceDemo OpenGL funnies?

Is anyone else seeing any OpenGL funnies WRT swapping to/from Software Renderer?

My PC is somewhat experimental, its video drivers work well, but I’m not that convinced they’re quite “All There”, if you see what I mean?.
What I’m trying to say is that what I’m seeing may not be a Juce OpenGL issue, it might just be my flakey drivers. SO could some kind soul please check.

I just tried this with the latest tip on my Windows 7 PC:
I ran the JuceDemo, first demo (default settings, Paths-linear gradient, HQ Image interpolation, no other settings),
I changed to Look-and-feel->Use OpenGL renderer.

On my PC the window goes black and flickers.
If I adjust the window size/position sometimes it clears (and continues to runs normally) other times the demo hangs.
If the problem clears, sometimes returning to Software renderer causes it to hang.

What’s your graphics hardware setup? It’s hard to know if you’re issues are related to your gfx card from the perspective of the forums if we don’t know what type of card and drivers you’re using… It would be useful to have a basis for comparison other than saying “I get this issue” or “Nope, it works fine for me”; I don’t think that helps much.

With my GTX590 and the most current drivers (non-beta), I occasionally get this black flicker when resizing the window only, but it soon disappears after I’m done doing that.

Well, my PC’s maker doesn’t exist anymore, and though drivers were released, there was no call to update the drivers after the company (Gateway) ceased to be… So, I really doubt there’s any point going into specific details of something perap a dozen people own… however, so far seem to function well wth no problems - The only issues I’ve seen are with Juce. So I was concerned that I could be seeing a driver bug or I may just have discovered something that affect others.
It’s sounding a little like it might be my drivers, if you’re not experiencing hangs, though.

I’ve got a new ultrabook and have this issue as well.

Even the juceDemo blinks black and crashes in the render routine if I switch it to use openGL.

not sure why, it works great on mac.