Apple Developer Support is Unreachable

Ok I found a loophole for the stonewalling, can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier actually. Just dropped another $99 and set up a brand new Developer Membership on a different identity. In my case that was easy because the locked account is on a Delaware C Corp and I had never actually used my personal identity for a Developer Membership before, so I had an unused identity so to speak.

From the brand new dev account, I could access the callback system and got a call within 30 seconds. The dev support person confirmed that the corporate account is locked, and she said there are no notes at all as to why it is locked, and she also said that the tickets I’ve been submitting on that account do not appear anywhere in the system that she has access to. She is escalating the ticket to more senior people that may be able to see something she can’t. So no solution yet, but at least I have a way to get answers and make progress.

If anyone else ever finds their account in this extremely screwed up state and they’re locked out and their tickets are getting lost in the matrix, it has nothing to do with Apple saving money on phone support, so if anyone ever gives you that advice they don’t actually have any idea what they’re talking about and you will be submitting tickets until the end of time with no response. Creating a brand new Developer Membership however will get you around the stonewall.


Glad you’ve found a way in, fingers crossed they can get it resolved!

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Thanks :pray:t3:At this point we’ve already released an update that works everywhere but Catalina, and we’re just sending Catalina users the old, notarized version as requested, which is definitely not cool, but it’s not nearly as uncool as being locked out and stonewalled. Now that I can actually get a human on the phone I’m fairly confident that this will be resolved successfully.

Just to put a bow on this, the account is now unlocked. Took another week and half from first contact, and two Senior Developer Support people, but as soon as we got to the second guy he resolved it in under an hour. As usual it’s just about finding the rare breed of human that knows how to slice through corporate bullshit.


Thats great to hear.
Could they tell you, why it got locked in the first place?

Nope! When I spoke to the guy that solved it on the phone, he hadn’t actually solved it yet, and he said there were things he still couldn’t see and would have to find out from the developer support engineers. I guess there are two layers of developer support, the ones that speak on the phones and the engineers, so even the senior phone support people don’t have access to all of the information on your account. I asked if he was even able to tell me whether this was an accident or intentional, and he said at the time he wasn’t able to share the specifics of what he was looking at, but that he believed it was basically “a series of unfortunate events”, so he blamed it on Lemony Snicket :joy:

He did ask me for a few pieces of information though, one of which was to log in to the regular Apple site by clicking the shopping bag icon in the header, which you can still do even when your dev account is locked, and send him the invoice for the $99 subscription payment, which was from March 5th btw, because apparently they don’t even have the ability to see those documents in dev support. If there’s one thing you can’t knock Apple for it’s lax security! So based on that request for information, it seems like this must have been somehow payment related. I’m guessing that something in their internal accounting got screwed up, and someone deep in the bowels of Apple’s lower bureaucracy believed that the account was unpaid and flipped a switch.

Actually even when I got the email letting me know the issue was resolved, he didn’t explain the cause, and he couldn’t even confirm that it was resolved he just he’d “been informed” and asked if could try logging in to confirm. So ya, there is ZERO transparency into their processes, but honestly at that point I didn’t even give a shit anymore I was just happy to be through with it, which I imagine is usually the reaction.


So ya, there is ZERO transparency into their processes

Good luck :frowning:

Haha, no luck needed! We’re good, and I literally could not care less about the inner workings of their account management. Also I don’t think that article actually applies here because there is no App Store review for desktop plugins that are distributed through a website, so most of us here will not be impacted positively or negatively by their App Store rules.

I will say this, if what I think happened in our case is actually what happened, they should definitely improve their process for reviewing the decision to deactivate a dev account, and maybe, you know, contact the dev first.

Glad you got it sorted. It sounds like Apple have some serious problems with transparency and customer support when it comes to developer accounts.

I’ve read of another developer who went through the exact same experience, but in that case he was leaking Apple secrets on 9to5Mac, so there was speculation that was why his account was locked. But regardless, there should be a way to contact a support person to have the reason for the lockout explained, and a process for challenging the decision.