Apple Plugins and Waves Plugins are not found on M1 (was: Hosting out-of-process)

When testing my JUCE host on macOS 12 / M1 I realised that I lost now access to the apple built in effects.
Is there a way to get those to appear?
Do I need AUv3 hosting?
Or do I need out-of-process hosting?
Is this always the same or do variations/bridges exist?

And if we need JUCE to be extended, is this on the roadmap?

(I am not so keen on the out-of-process feature, but to bring back the built in effects)

I checked, and the effects are shown in AudioPluginHost, so there must be an issue on my end.

When I use the KnownPluginList from AudioPluginHost in my host I can load those effects just fine. But in my own host the plugin scanner doesn’t find neither the apple ones nor the waves. Could this be related to the container?

I’ll rename the post to reflect the actual problem.