Apply VAT ID on order form does nothing

Hi there,
I tried to order a Indie license on the web form. When I enter my VAT ID in the field and click apply, nothing happens. I expected, that the tax would set to zero, am I correct?

I double checked that my vat id is really valid using . It works perfect. Maybe I should note, that my vat id was issued very recently (july, 9th 2016), could that be a problem?

I sent an email to with all my personal details, if you want to try the data.
Thanks for checking,

Thanks for reporting. I’ll have a webdev look at this.

Hi Daniel,

I’ll PM you and see if I can replicate the problem.



Hi Oscar @odub,
thank you for checking. It was indeed only failing with firefox. Purchasing with chrome worked perfect.

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@daniel, glad you were able to buy JUCE using Chrome and sorry about the trouble along the way.

Thanks to your report I was able to write a fix for the Firefox-specific issue. The fix is now live and I’ve confirmed that VAT exemption works in the latest Firefox version.

Thanks for the help and patience, and best wishes for your JUCE plugins.