ARA fork of JUCE

As far as I know, there isn’t such a facility in ARA.

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ARA plugins don’t have automatable-via-host’s-UI parameters like VST, and doesn’t have access to other plugin’s parameters, but they can implement an internal equivalent to automation parameters.

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If I remember correctly, an ARA plugin can only be placed as the first plugin in a plugin chain. But in most cases an analysis plugin makes most sense at the end of a plugin chain. That’s why I don’t think ARA is very useful for the common kind of analysis plugins.

Your example of an audio transcription plugin could be placed as the first plugin, though.

Since ARA isn’t open-sourced.
From the questions here I believe the best would be to contact Celemony here:
ara at celemony dot com.

And they’ll be more than happy to provide you with SDK so you could try out ARA2.
REAPER can be used for first evaluation. although ARA still has some pitfalls with each host doing things a little different.

In the meantime even poking at the JUCE ARA would give you some understand of ARA.

Thanks for making this great work available.

Before I get into that, can I ask what the license of the JUCE ARA fork is? What would be the conditions to use it on top of JUCE’s license?

Thanks again

As far as I know, ARA is closed-sourced so terms are subject to the ARA license itself.
@sgretscher from Celemony might be able to provide more details if he’s within the JUCE forum.

But I guess you should simply contact Celemony here:

If you would like to support ARA Audio Random Access™ as a developer and are interested in the ARA SDK, please contact

Thanks, via the company I work for, I have access to the ARA SDK. My question goes specifically to the modifications of the JUCE fork. Currently we have our plugins implemented each one separately.

I wanted to explore the option of a common code base by introducing JUCE, but the deciders are hesitant because of license concerns…

I guess you should e-mail Celemony but I’m pretty sure the JUCE contributions aimed to keep the JUCE license the same.

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Great, thanks! I assumed so too, but since the JUCE fork was presented as a joint-venture, I couldn’t say who is in charge… I will check with Celemony

And especially in legal issues, my assuming is a bad idea :wink:

Are there any plans to add ARA support to the official JUCE version? It would be a great addition to JUCE and it seems as if Celemony has already done most of the job.



Would it be possible to get an official statement regarding ARA support? We’re using the ARA branch and it seems to work very well so far.

It appeared already here:

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Oh, thanks! :slight_smile: