What DAWs support ARA?

I’m working on my first ARA plugin and I’m not sure if my plugin isn’t working or some DAWs just don’t support ARA. Is there a list of DAWs that support ARA and in which edition / version?

So far I’ve found Logic does not support ARA on ARM but does on Intel. Reaper supports ARA. It seems often the lower tier of a DAW doesn’t support ARA but the Pro version does.

There is a list on Wikipedia:

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Based on the above I’ll try to update it (as the forum not allowing me to edit super old posts):

  • Studio One 4 (ARA2/1), Studio One 3/2.5 (ARA1)
  • Logic X 10.4.3 (ARA2)
  • REAPER 5.97 (ARA2)
  • Cubase 10, Nuendo 10 (ARA2)
  • Tracktion Waveform (ARA1) - Since v10 - ARA2
  • Cakewalk/Bandlab SONAR (ARA1) - (seems like) Since 2019.5 - ARA2
  • MAGIX Sanplitude (ARA1) - Since X5 - ARA2
  • Acoustica Mixcraft (ARA1) - Since 7.4 - ARA2
  • Pro Tools (ARA2) - Announced, no full 3P support yet
  • JUCE since 7.0 has Host/Plug-In support for ARA2.

I’ll try to keep this updated as possible.

@juce_team - would be nice to have an ARA category maybe?


In Studio One, you need to alt drag a plugin to a region for ARA, if you just add a plugin to a track, you don’t get ARA. However, you can add your plugin to the right click menu, audio processing menu. Does anybody know how to do that?

If I understand you correctly you mean this menu?

If so,
I’m not aware of an API for that. I think it’s a custom integration within Studio One. (though it would be great if they would provide an API for that since currently there’s no way to remove ARA plug-ins quickly)

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