JUCE 7 - congrats + thanks!

Just wanted to congratulate and thank the JUCE team with/for the new release!
As a long-time customer, I happily upgraded my license again today.

While I haven’t switched to the JUCE 7 branch just yet, I was also very glad to see ARA support made it into official JUCE! Will definitely check that out soon!
Is there any JUCE-specific documentation for ARA or an example project to look at + some info on hosts that support it (and how to setup an ARA plugin in these supporting hosts)? Would be a good topic for the ADC actually.


and maybe a good opportunity to add another textual tutorial on the official juce tutorials page

Wikipedia has a list of hosts:


Right now there is a short description under docs/ARA.md to help you get started.

It has steps on how to

  • obtain the Celemony ARA SDK,
  • build the AudioPluginHost with ARA support enabled,
  • and probably a mention about the ARAPluginDemo that you can find among the JUCE examples.
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