ARA Demo not working as expected

Hi, I am trying to understand the ARA plugin demo as provided in the latest version of JUCE. I’m pretty new to all of this but am quite good at picking up concepts, so please bear with me!

The first hurdle is that the demo (fresh from the Projucer) is not working as expected at all. I can build it and I have managed to get three different DAWs to see it properly:

-Studio One

I have also watched this video about using the ARA API with JUCE

Here are my issues:
-The plugin GUI loads correctly with Cubase and Reaper, but not with Studio One. In Studio One, it thinks that there is no ARA host, when, in the video example, it works just fine.

-In Cubase, I don’t get any sound, either playing using the transport in the DAW or the plugin, or with the looper functionality. Nothing.
-In Reaper, the sound does play with the looper (it’s playing at the wrong sample rate, but I understand that’s a current limitation with the demo. I also understand from the example video that audio might play out of sync or delayed, but I’m not getting anything at all currently)

-Transport works correctly in Cubase and Reaper, but there are graphical glitches with the playhead on the ‘bar’ display

The plugin I am trying to build should be fairly straightforward - I just want to be able to pass through the audio from the input to the output (no modification). I need the ARA functionality to read audio data from either a specific audio region, or the audio data in region sequence (I can make it work either way) and save sets of these to audio files for me to process separately, and then at some point replace the original audio with these.

Any help would be much appreciated! I’ve tried my best but without being able to analyse the demo, I’m a bit stuck