Accesing and analyzing audio in ARA enabled VST plugin

Hi, I’m trying to get a grasp on how to make ARA plugins using example ARA VST from Celemony’s github and even after reading pretty much the whole ARA documentation i still cannot get a basic understanding of how can I implement getting the whole audio from the host and analyze it in a offline manner.

Is there anyone here that could just give me a hint of where to start?
What I’m trying to do is basically take the whole signal from the DAW, and analyze the entiriety of it.

Excuse me for asking such noob questions but I desperately need to understand it and this seems like the most appropriate place to find help

  1. I’d suggest looking at JUCE built-in demos since this is now part of juce.
  2. Look here: JUCE_ARA/PlaybackRegionView.cpp at c0a402b1e8bd2eb63cc14bbdc281e1417780e774 · Celemony/JUCE_ARA · GitHub

We’ve used AudioFormatReader which abstracts the reader well (and also allows chaining them).

In addition to basic reading, you should still need to understand the ARA concepts (Roles, what the companion plug-in still needs to do, etc).