ARA plug-in and standalone format

The standalone version of a plug-in receives and sends back an audio stream, but this doesn’t make much sense in the case of an ARA plug-in. Is the JUCE team planning to make a standalone version specifically for ARA plugins? A standalone that could take an audio file as input with some playback functionality for example. I’m aware that beyond the difficulty of implementation, there’s above all a question of specification: Why limit it to one audio file and not several? Why not have several tracks in this case? And why not make a DAW while we’re at it :sweat_smile:?

Many users would like to use ARA plug-ins with DAWs like Live or ProTools, but integration into these DAWs may take some time (I don’t even know if it’s planned for Live). Offering a standalone version for use as an external editor would be a good alternative in the meantime. But before I embark on any new development, I’d like to be sure that this isn’t already on your radar :wink:

You probably know about that already, but you can replace the app wrapper for the standalone plugin app with custom code.

For example the GRM Tools plugins have done that, they have incorporated an audio file player and some other neat features into their standalone app versions of their JUCE based plugins :

Yes, I know, but if it’s already been planned by the JUCE team and saves me development and maintenance, I’ll ask users to be patient and refine my laziness :innocent:.