New plug-in format “Standalone”

We’ve added a new “Standalone” plug-in format. In addition to VST, VST3, AudioUnit, AudioUnitv3 and AAX, JUCE now supports the “Standalone” plug-in format which will compile a standalone app of your plug-in. This plug-in format is supported on all platforms! You can enable this format in the Projucer in the “Project Settings” page:

Make sure to re-build the Projucer from the develop branch!

We’ve also updated JUCE’s “audio demo plugin” to include the standalone format and include iOS and Android builds. This is the “audio demo plugin” running on an Nvidia Shield:


I think the default input-device should be empty, otherwise this may result in a feedback loop, depending on the platform default setting,
(or better a small “monitor” symbol on the top, to switch on/off the input)


I’ve built the latest Projucer but I don’t seem to have the option for the Standalone Plug-In. Any reasons why that might be? I’m on the develop branch

Hmm disregard I seemed to have had an out of date Projucer somehow…

In case it hasn’t been said previously, this standalone build sure makes debugging way easier.

Thank you.

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