Building standalone plugin in new JUCE

It seems that with the new scheme of separate targets in the same project (in Xcode at least), it should be easy to add an additional target of a standalone plugin. I mean that in addition to VST, VST3, AU, etc there could be a seventh format option of “Build Standalone”. This could make the develop-build-test cycle shorter in many cases.

If I understand correctly, it wasn’t possible previously in the polymorphic build because it needs to be an executable while the wrappers need to be a dynamic library, but that shouldn’t be a problem now, right?

Cheers, Yair

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Yes this is true. In fact, the Projucer internally now has a concept of a standalone target. This target will always be enabled if AUv3 is enabled as AUv3s must be bundled inside a standalone app.

However, we’ve decided not expose a checkbox for this yet as standalone targets are only supported on Xcode at the moment. Adding this to the other export targets is on our backlog.

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However, we’ve decided not expose a checkbox

Would be cool if this feature would be accessible even its only for XCode at this moment.


Hey jucers,

Does this feature work outside of XCode now? If I were to give this a go in it’s current state, would a polymorphic plugin build work with StandAlone in both XCode and, perhaps, Visual Studio? I need to build an OSX version, and a Windows version.

It’s time to make my current project a standalone, and I’m looking to do it in the most efficient way as possible with JUCE4.


The feature is being worked on at the moment, and will be part of the next JUCE release. However, I’m afraid I can’t give a firm ETA (experience has shown that this is nearly always a bad idea).

At the moment there’s no Windows implementation available.