PIP for AudioPlugin only builds the standalone

Hi, just used the new PIP to build the audioplugindemo and it only builds the standalone, not the VST/AU etc.

As this is intended to help people get into JUCE quickly just thinking this might be a confusing first step as they’re going to have to change the build options in Projucer - this obv wasn’t the case with the old projucer file.

I pushed this commit earlier, so it’ll now build VST and AU as well by default.

thx - must have been about 5 mins after I did my pull :slight_smile:

Hi, the AU is not appearing in the scanned plugins list for either Live or Logic. VST appears fine.

EDIT: Not true, it is appearing, but under “yourcompany” - doesn’t look like the Roli company is being set correctly.

Thanks, I’ll sort that out