Are there Android examples in Projucer?

I’d like to try a Android app. I was able to compile the blank android project that Projucer generates but by looking at some Android project it will be much better to learn things.

I couldn’t find android examples in Projucer, just desktop ones. Are there examples somewhere? Maybe github?

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Everything I have found is quite old.

All I really want is something like a button that makes a noise as a starting point.

tbh. does the age matter? If it doesn’t work best to report it and it should get fixed…

I would love to see Android cross compilation support in the CMake API…

Many tutorials are labelled with “Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux”, so one might think that they are not compatible with mobile platforms. But most compile just fine for iOS and Android, no changes needed. Just go ahead and try them out.

The fact that they are old just means that the process is no longer exact due to options changing, version numbers etc and when you are doing a 101 tutorial in a new situation, any deviation means you (I) end up going down a rabbit hole trying to fix things in an unfamiliar environment.

I try for a while and have no idea how far I am from the finish line so start again with something else.

That’s fine. Best to report those obstacles so the tutorials can be updated.

Good luck

Thanks, @daniel