Are there any Reverb/Delay cpp libraries I might buy and integrate into my Juce project?

As someone new to audio programming, I wonder if its possible to buy already-coded libraries like Reverb and Delay for example that I could easily integrate into my Juce plugin project?

I guess there might be some free on github, but I’m not sure how to judge their quality. Although Faust is supposed to be OK.

I just want to save myself time by not re-inventing the wheel. My plan is to try and make a volume shaper step sequencer plugin (as a learning exercise), but also to offer some delay and reverb functionality in that same plugin too.

Also, maybe interested in other things like an LFO function that can modulate a HP or LP filter etc.

JUCE itself contains built in modules for most of those things. Check out this list. It has a traditional digital and an IR module for reverb and a Delay line. As for the filter modulating, I don’t know off hand. There are numerous filter modules but I don’t know if using an oscillator to set the frequency is a good idea or if there is a smarter way to implement that.

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if you want to get a specificly flavoured reverb and want to spend money just shoot a message to your favourite reverb developer and ask if they want to contribute. reverb is not the kind of topic where there is just a “best algorithm”, but a lot of different approaches with different goals in mind

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thanks, but I suspect that they might not do that since they may be worried about someone creating the same plugin they are selling, plus I imagine even if they agreed it would be very expensive.

thanks, I’ll check that out. Being somewhat new to audio programming I’ll have to learn what a Delay-line is as opposed to a traditional delay. I know IR is impulse repsonse.

The thing about the Juce docs is that there are no usage examples; they just seem to give the syntax. Thats something that would help.

Here are the official tutorials, you should check out the DSP section of this page for examples of implementing different effects.

As for a delay line, it basically is a delay but most “delays” you would buy or download will have a lot of extra filtering/modulation. Delay lines are also used for a whole variety of effects, digital reverbs, choruses, phasers all need to delay the sound too.

i think they would not just recreate something exactly the way they did in their own plugins for you but rather make something new, that is just similiar, but still not worse. i don’t know about the prices but you know it’s not always the ones with the most pretentious webpages and prices that have the best algorithms :wink:

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There’s zplane as one potential commercial solution:

But I haven’t used the reverb one

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thanks, zplane looks interesting (but expensive as they are talking about royalties - $$ per unit sold).
They seem to have some top companies like NI using their stuff, and they do help with integration support which might be useful though.

A nice smooth plate reverb is what I’ll probably need. I think the IR ones I’ve used can be CPU intensive and one or two have caused some latency for me.
I own the VSS3 reverb, and the golden plate reverb is really nice and smooth. I also own Waves Abbey Road plates and they are pretty good too.

You can implement some good ones, if your math brain is strong, from some published papers and notes.

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