Are we ever getting our votes back?

When initially the “voting” system was introduced, and all [FR] topics could be voted on, I immediately spend my votes on stuff. Now I can’t vote on newer FRs because the “old” ones still count, despite a few of them having even been implemented already, so their vote doesn’t matter anymore.

Can I see my votes somewhere, so I can remove them, so I can spend them on other FRs?

Or are we getting new votes regularly?

Yeah it’s really frustrating, I had to go back to old posts so I could remove my votes and use them for others… might have to do it to vote for this post too :slight_smile: The original announcement only says you’ll “initially get 3 votes”

You can access your past votes by going to:<username>/activity/votes


Unless the thread you voted for was deleted.
Before it was announced I jokingly voted for the test FR… now I have only two.

Thanks for the hint, I didn’t know I can revoke them…

Well the idea is that you only get a few reassignable votes so that it forces people to vote for what they want most, rather than smearing out people’s preferences. Perhaps 3 is perhaps a little low though…

I’ve just increased people’s vote limit to 5.

@daniel I can’t see anywhere in the settings when I can modify individual vote counts, sorry!

Haha, no worries!
While those votes are surely handy, I am used to make myself heard.
And I know you guys listen…

If I’m honest, the limitation has basically stopped me voting for anything. I’m now clinging on to my votes waiting for that perfect request I can’t live without…


It does seem a bit odd… Is there something we’re all getting wrong, like needing to close the polls when they’re done perhaps?

If it’s this plugin being used, it says

If the topic is closed or archived, the votes are released to the users and can be applied to other topics but the vote count on the topic remains.

That sounds good. So completed FRs should be closed so people get their vote back.
Then we can also withdraw our support for an FR if another one comes up we prefer.

In this respect votes are like “tokens” for open FRs?

On a related note, does anyone know the magic URL to view open topics by vote number?