Arpeggiator Plugin Example not working in FL Studio


I found an arpeggiator example in the Projucer in File -> Open Example -> Plugins -> ArpeggiatorPluginDemo. This has me excited because I can learn how to make my own MIDI manipulation plugins to drop into Patcher in FL Studio. I selected ArpeggiatorPluginDemo, built it in Visual Studio 2019, and copied the built VST3 files into my Common Files VST3 directory so FL studio could discover them. At this point I can only drag the plugin into Patcher as an effect - it fails to load if I drag it in as a generator. The MIDI input node doesn’t appear in Patcher until I modify the input and output port numbers in the Arpeggiator plugin. Yet when I hook up the MIDI wires to Sytrus, there is no midi output from the plugin.

Patcher setup:
Post image

This setup/settings work perfectly when I use CodeFN42 RandARP - the midi will pass through the wires into Sytrus as an arpeggio of the chord I’m playing. But for some reason it does not work with this plugin example. That’s without touching the Projucer settings. I also tried checking the “Plugin is a Synth” box under Plugin Characteristics in the Projucer settings. This allows me to add the plugin to Patcher as a generator (where it would fail to load as a generator before), but with the rest of the setup being the same, there is still no MIDI going from ArpeggiatorPlugin to Sytrus.

I would like to get this example working with FL studio so that I have a foundation I can build upon. Has anyone here run into similar problems with making MIDI Effect Plugins for FL Studio?

I’d appreciate any help anyone can provide with this. Thank you!

VST3 and VST are not the same thing. What you built is a VST3 plugin, CodeFN42 RandARP is a VST plugin.

I don’t know whether the issue is that it’s not possible to make VST3 MIDI effects, or whether it is that FL Studio doesn’t support VST3 MIDI effects.

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Yeah, that is one thing I noticed between the two. Perhaps VST is needed instead of VST3. Thankfully, I found another great plugin called Lua Protoplug that appears to have everything I wanted for MIDI manipulation originally. It works really well in FL Studio - I did notice that it is also a VST plugin. So I think you are onto something. Thanks for the response!