ASIO Channel Listing in Juce Demo


I’m using Juce 2.0 in Windows & Visual Studio 2008.

I have enabled JUCE_ASIO and copied necessary SDK files built the Audio Demo. When I ran the demo, I could see the “audio device type” lists ASIO and the Sound Card driver name displayed under “device” correctly. Also all the input and output channels are listed correctly.

However, the above channels are listed as a pair i.e. “OUT 1-2 + 1-2 (2)”, “OUT 1-2 + 1-2 (4)” up to “OUT 9-10 + 9-10 (10)”. Looks like both left and right channels are combined to form a stereo device (?). Is there anyway to populate both left & right channels separately? I wanted to play a mono file on to a specific channel.

If this is already discussed, it would be helpful to point to that discussion topic.



        @param showChannelsAsStereoPairs    if true, channels will be treated as pairs; if false, channels will be
                                        treated as a set of separate mono channels.

Thanks for quick response. This works.