Ask for subversion repository

will be possible in near time in the future to have a subversion repository for juce? i find myself very confortable working with svn for managing merges of new additions and code changes, instead of doing a manual merge of the files (and projects) on every new releases (much more work tho), since i’m kind of edge early adopter…

I love subversion, use it for all source control at home and work. I’d be up for it.


I’m very glad you brought this up! I’ve been thinking of asking for this myself for a while. For those of us with local changes to the JUCE tree, even very minor ones, it would be very much more convenient having some sort of VCS. I personally favour Subversion as well, but heck, I’d be fine with DARCS or even CVS… anything that does this job and is freely available.

Thanks for bringing this up. I hope it’s not too much trouble for Jules (or whoever wants to, really) to get something set up.

I’ve planned for a while to start checking it all into sourceforge, and I registered a project there ages ago to do this… Just haven’t had time to do anything about it yet!

i’m really quite interested in getting version management stuff logged in the ol’ noggin, but it’s always quite mental trying to figure out how to start! any tips?

come on jules, you say that you have no time to setup the repository in sourceforge ? is a matter of 2 minutes. and so juce as it is now doesn’t have version control at all ? i think VCS is the swiss knife for a developer… especially for a every hour new code bugfix library…

i w as just browsing the forum for this.
any progress on the topic?

i just have to say that using sourceforge is not the best idea. they use cvs and have some odd rules. i have som eexperience using SVN witch i use now on all possible platforms (solaris as servers, win and mac and linux as clients). also to build my project i used Trac a python based web application for keeping track of an application it’s integrated with SVN it has ticket, roadmaps, and many additions, very cool stuff worked like a charm for my project.

If youre having second thoughts and dont really have time i’ll be glad to set up some webspace for you Jules as i have two servers that can easily do that at least for testing if you are willing to try.

the easiest way is to just import your code into SVN and depending on the platform keep track of it using SVN clients (windows TortoiseSVN, mac svn + Xcode work nice, linux has many options, i use the command line client more than any of theese anyway cause it’s very simple and works nice).

[quote=“atomix1040”]i w as just browsing the forum for this.
any progress on the topic?[/quote]
no there isn’t any progress… (…finger cross!)

nah, you can choose if you prefer cvs or svn… here you can browse my svn repository there for angeljuice
the only drawback is sourceforge server slowness :confused:

yes that is very useful, and somewhat needed when working with other developers ! you could check out as they’re offering trac + svn + webadmin … it is working very well !

obviously :slight_smile: