Unfuddle: free SVN host for small single user projects

Has anyone else seen this host? It seems like an excellent service for lone juce coders wishing to maintain version tracking on their small projects.

Check out www.unfuddle.com. You can register a new project easily, giving it a subdomain name (e.g. myproject.unfuddle.com) and an administrator account for your access to it.

I’ve only just started looking into using SVN, and installed TortoiseSVN this morning. After a quick play with it, I went to unfuddle, created a project and had a revision uploaded literally within one minute. Pretty neat stuff.

Looks useful.

If you want to control you own server though, locally, I have a nice batch file that does everything for you. Setup a new repository using tortoiseSVN, set your passwords and users and such, copy the batch file in, and run it, will make every subdirectory part of the local svn server. This of course means you need the svn server installed first, just run the installer, nothing fancy.