Assembly errors compiling in msvc v6

I figured I’d follow on from this post over at kvr. Am I right in thinking I should have the processor pack installed for msvc to recognise these assembly instructions?

  • Niall.

Yeah, you’ll need the processor pack in VC6, but it’s easy enough to install.

ok, thanks :wink:.

  • Niall.

does this mean that I’m unable to build JUCE with ms visual C++ 6.0 STANDARD EDITION? The processor pack cannot be installed for the standard edition so I guess I’ve just answered my own question…?

This should maybe be mentioned before download?
Any alternative options?

(copied from my post at kvr)


  • Niall.

Well done that man, the debug libs compile fine!
Hope there’s no drastic decrease in efficiency without the assembly stuff…
By the way, I like your page! Lots of nice stuff, the links seem reasonably comprehensive (nice to see Pd there!).

Don’t really want to bring this up now, but I do actually get about 600 warnings only on building the Release versions of the JUCE library (with and without unicode), all warnings about things not being inline… any ideas? Anyway, I can carry on with Debug versions for a while yet, just have a feeling they run a lot slower than the release versions!

Thanks again champ.

Yeah, I get them too, although I don’t really know what they mean. I usually just ignore compiler warnings (though it has got me into trouble in the past :oops:) - I haven’t noticed any significant problems with running the release build (with the warnings left in) anyway…

  • Niall.

I don’t have any warnings when I do a build - and I have the warning level set to the maximum. Can you tell me what compiler, platform sdk, etc, and an example of one of the warnings?


Compiler: MS Visual C++ 6.0 Standard

Platform SDK: The one for Windows XP service pack 2, downloaded about a week and a half ago… (sorry, have no exact version number cos it’s not installed on my work computer!). HANG ON! I just read something about that one not providing a build environment for XP… I have to admit I’m very confused!#@! took me ages to download, burn, and install those whopping files.

I will get more information to you tomorrow. By the way Jules - I want to congratulate you on a fantastic luverly API that has got me very excited about using C++, looks very nice and easy to use. Going to check out IO latency tonight!
btw: is there any reason the jucedemo slows to a hog when increasing the JUCE image size? no hardware acceleration?
Anyway, thanks loads and loads.


This is the first warning (of 602) I get:

D:\Program Files\DevStudio\juce\src\juce_appframework\events\../../juce_core/containers/juce_SortedSet.h(617) : warning C4710: function 'void __thiscall JUCE::ArrayAllocationBase<void *>::ensureAllocatedSize(int)' not inlined

They’re all pretty much the same I think. I’m using VC v6 (professional), although I can’t remember which platform sdk I’m using. I’ve got a feeling I downloaded it some time last year, but I’m not really sure…

Could the warnings just be a result of not having the processor pack installed? (haven’t got round to doing that yet)

  • Niall.

Suppose it could be the processor pack. Obviously the warnings don’t matter, though it’s puzzling why you’d get them.